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element14 and Lapp Group – a partnership that’s more than bringing you the best in cabling and connectivity solutions. It’s our service to you.

element14 offers a wide range of cables and connectors from Lapp, including ÖLFLEX connection and control, highly flexible robotic, servo-motor, temperature-resistant and LAN/BUS cables, SKINTOP nylon and nickel plated brass cable glands and EPIC industrial connectors available in either rectangular or circular versions.


About Lapp Group
Headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, the Lapp Group is a leading supplier of integrated wire, cabling and connector products and solutions. Its offering includes electrical and fibre optic cables, industrial plug-in and screw connectors, cabling solutions, automation technology and technical accessories. Lapp Group’s core markets are in the mechanical and plant engineering and electronics manufacturing sectors, with rapid market expansion in the renewable energy, mobility and life science industries.


Featured Products | Applications

 Featured Products

Liquid tight cable glands manufactured from polyamide or Nickel Plated brass.

Glands View product

Nickel plated brass adaptors used to convert a metric outer thread to an inner PG thread.

Gland Accessories View product

Nylon and Metal locknuts for the standard Metric or PG thread cable glands.

Locknuts View product

Metric or PG threaded blanking plugs for use when threaded holes are not required.

Blanking Plugs View product

Fine copper wire strands, Conductors insulated with special PVC, black with white numbers + green/yellow earth wire.

YY Cables View product

Ölflex® EB is a PVC control cable with a blue outer sheath for use in explosive atmospheres with hazard type "i" (intrinsically safe).

Intrinsically Safe View product

High restoring forces and extension lengths up to 3 times the retracted length.

Spirals View product

Data transmission cables for connection to M8 & M12 field mountable connectors.

Sensor Cables View product

Suitable for export-orientated machinery, plant and equipment manufacturers, due to the HAR, UL and CSA approvals.

UL Approved Cables View product

Optimum solution for connecting individual solar cells. Designed for use all over the world and for all climates.

Solar Cables View product

These data, signal and BUS cables are ideal for use in computer systems, electronic control equipment, weighing scales.

Data Cables View product

These multi standard wiring cables SC2.1 & SC2.2 are UL, CSA and HAR (VDE) approved.

Single Cores View product

EMC shielded control cable, thinner, lighter and flexible for industrial installations, rail vehicles, air-conditioning systems etc.

CY Cables View product

The flexible, oil-resistant universal connection and signal cables are suited for use in the most demanding conditions.

SY Cables View product

Olflex® Classic 130H is a halogen-free, highly flame-retardant control cable.

Low Smoke Halogen View product

Olflex® Servo 2YSLCY is a flexible cable having special EMC performance.

Servo Cables View product

ÖLFLEX®-FD 855 P has been designed to resist extreme stresses.

High Flexible View product

These silicone-insulated cables are ideal for use where there is a variable temperature range.

Hi Temp View product

Flexible rubber sheathed cables for outdoor use and UV protected.

Rubber Cables View product

This cable is ideal for outdoor or indoor use because of the extremely tough polyurethane sheathing materials.

PUR Cables View product

Suitable for continuous flexing installations around Plant or Robotic equipment.

Conduits View product

Complete kits, Top entry hoods, Panel, surface mount & coupler bases


Rectangular Connectors View product

Power and signal circular connectors designed to be used on servo motors and in servo harnessing.

Circular Connectors View product


Mil C Connectors View product

A full range of accessories to complement the EPIC range of connectors.


Connector Accessories View product
Defense &
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Instrumentation & Measurement
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