Integrating superior connection systems, electronics and software innovation is the foundation for meeting the most challenging automotive solutions. In the age of the modern car where end-to-end data connectivity and signal integrity are key, Molex has developed a range of components and connector technologies to maximise power and signal transfer.


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Body Electronics


Mini50 Connection Systems

Achieve 50% space savings over traditional USCAR 0.64mm connectors with Mini50, with smaller terminals to fit more low-current electrical circuits in interior transportation-vehicle environments.

Key features & benefits
  • Reduced package sizes
  • Industry’s only interface that meets USCAR 050 standards
  • Orientation features are molded into the header
  • Sealed, round shape design
  • Multiple options available
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HSAutoLink Interconnect Systems

HSAutoLink interconnect system leverages Molex’s expertise at producing high-speed cable technology and adapting to needs of the emerging segment of the "Connected Vehicle".

Key features & benefits
  • Shrouds and latches standard
  • Standard Molex automotive and USB connector components used
  • Flexible, expandable product family with data rates up to 5 Gbps
  • System uses proven Molex LFH terminal interface designed for high pin-count signal applications
  • Full-length cable shielding
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DuraClik Connector System

DuraClik connectors with terminal retainer options provide superior electrical contact reliability, mating retention and space savings compared to competitive versions for high-vibration and high-temperature applications.

Key features & benefits
  • 2 to 15 circuits in vertical and horizontal configurations
  • Wide solder tabs designed and tested to SAE automotive vibration standards
  • Audible click sound on mating
  • Operating temperature
  • Enclosed contact design
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MX123 Sealed Connection System

Designed for transportation power-train applications, the MX123 Sealed Connection System offers a rugged, fully-sealed interface with the smallest packaging size in the industry.

Key features & benefits
  • GMW3191 specifications
  • Header terminal filtering
  • Center-wall feature
  • Matte-seal technology
  • Six unique mechanical polarization options and unique colour coding
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CMC and CMX Sealed, Hybrid, Modular Connectors

CMC and CMX connector family from Molex is an IP6K9k sealed, modular, high-density and hybrid connection system developed for the transportation industry.

Key features & benefits
  • Several colour coding options and mechanical polarization
  • Wide range of standard headers
  • Lever-actuated movable seal protector
  • High-performing sealed-connection system using matte-seal technology
  • Moveable interfacial-seal protector surrounding the CMX connector
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FAKRA PCB, Cable and Sealed Connection Systems

FAKRA PCB Jacks, Cable Jacks and Plugs and Sealed Jacks and plugs provide the benefits of multiple colours, key codes and a 360° rotation; a secondary locking latch delivers easy cable routing between antennas and multi-media units.

Key features & benefits
  • Colour coded and keyed shrouds
  • Frequency DC to 6 GHz
  • Numerous keying options and colour codes
  • Designed for automotive telematics applications
  • Sealed version IP69K rated
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stAK50h Connection System

Leveraging industry-approved terminal design, the stAK50h Connection System offers unsealed hybrid headers and receptacles to deliver both signal and Ethernet connectivity within a small footprint.

Key features & benefits
  • Standard USCAR colour-coded housings
  • PCB-alignment posts for mating headers
  • Compliant to USCAR-2 and global automotive OEM standards
  • 0.50mm and 1.20mm terminals developed around NanoMQS and AK (Arbeitskreis) Specifications
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Squba Sealed Wire-to-Wire Connectors

Squba 1.80mm- and 3.60mm-Pitch Sealed Wire-to-Wire Connector Systems offer an IP67-seal rating and carry up to 14.0A of current to deliver reliable power in a wide range of space-constrained applications.

Key features & benefits
  • Protected, low-profile positive latch
  • Sealed components with proven performance
  • Wraparound insulation crimp
  • Alleviates space constraints
  • Primary lock enables 30N terminal retention
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Transportation - Body Electronics

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Transportation - Body/Safety Chassis

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Transportation - In-Vehicle Network

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