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You may search/browse for products, view product details, and add items to your basket without registering. However, registration is required to use some of the extra features and to place orders on this website.

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If you register online, you can take advantage of the following features of this site:

  • Online live chat with product technical support
  • Status tracking information on recently placed orders
  • Save shopping baskets for quick reordering
  • Create favourites lists
  • Easy checkout with saved addresses and payment methods
  • Schedule orders for future delivery
  • View order status & tracking
  • Shopping basket - log in from any computer, tablet, or smart phone device to see items in your shopping basket.

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Your security and privacy are important to us. Our registration form is safe and secure. Review our Privacy Statement.

NOTE: If you are an existing offline customer, you must still register to place and view orders online the first time. You will be able to see all your orders under the order status & tracking regardless of whether you placed them by phone, fax, email, or online once your first order has been placed on the web. When registering, we will match your details to your existing account based on the information you provide us on the registration page. Please note that the matching process may take additional time and if your order is placed after working hours or on the weekend/holiday, it may start on the next business day.

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Once you are registered, log in to checkout and use some of the extra features of our website including: live chat with product technical support, saved shopping baskets, favourites lists, order status & tracking, and scheduled orders etc.

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NOTE: regarding element14 Community - Your username and password for element14 store and element14 community will be different unless you have set them to be the same. The login systems are separate, and we do not currently pass user information between the two sites. As with registration, we value your security and privacy, our login form is safe and secure. Review our Terms of Use / Privacy Policy.

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Q: How do I reset/change my password?

Forgot Password

If you have forgotten your password, you can easily request your password to be reset.

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If you remember your current password, simply log in and go to the My Account: Change password page and follow the instructions provided.

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Q: How can I request my username?
A: If you have forgotten your username, you can easily request your username to be sent to the email address in your profile.

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Q: How do I change my delivery/invoice address?
A:You may submit a request to update your invoice address by logging in and going to your Address book. Select the address you first used to open your account with us and update the information. When you submit the form, our support team will be notified to verify the address and will make the update in our business systems.

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Q: How do I set up a trade account?
A: You may request a trade account when you register and place your first order on this site.

NOTE: Orders may be delayed while business credit verification is performed.

You can also contact us to set up an account.

  • Email customer service: sg-sales@element14.com
  • Phone customer service: +65 6788 0200, 9:00am - 6:00pm, Monday - Friday

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Q: I am already a customer. What do I need to do to order online?
A: Your account number does not automatically give you access to a web account; you need to create this by registering online. Registration is very quick and easy and once completed, you are free to place orders online. To register you will be asked to supply a few details and select your username and password, which will be your unique key to accessing the website. Your web account will allow you to update your details online, including your account number and preferences.
Q: What characters can be used when filling in forms?
A: The following characters can be used when filling in forms:.
  • a-z  A-Z  0-9
  • All punctuations and most special characters except ‘|’ ‘,’ (comma) & ‘\’ (Note: fields such as post codes, phone numbers etc. will not accept special characters)